Shannon English Marketing


See what your customers see with an InsideView.

We know keeping a current customer costs less than acquiring a new one, which is why InsideView is crucial to your business and its success. From secret shoppers and telephone reviews to website evaluations, we have the most efficient and cost-effective method to discover if your staff is performing at an exceptional level and your customers are being served the highest quality of service.

Your customer’s total experience with your business and your staff determines the success or failure of your company. Having expectations about the experience you want your customers to have is not enough. You must know for certain that this experience exists for each and every person who comes through your doors, calls you on the phone, or visits your website.

Shannon English Marketing Group and InsideView will provide you with information to ensure that your expectations for customer service are in fact a reality. We will consult with you to develop an evaluation that will help you measure the professionalism, friendliness, and product knowledge of your staff, as well as evaluate the appearance of your business and product presentation. Shannon English Marketing Group has been assisting its clients in attracting customers through advertising, public relations and event marketing since 1989. Our services include mystery shopping visits, competition shopping visits, website reviews, and telephone performance reviews.

Our shoppers have been trained to gain insight about your company in order to increase your sales and gain repeated business as a result of a higher level of customer service.

“We’ve been using InsideView for several years in all 5 of our stores. The folks at InsideView are very responsive to our business needs. They worked with us to customize a program that helps us evaluate the things that are important to us and the way we conduct business. The feedback that we receive allows us to identify issues as customers see us and respond proactively.”
Barb Weaver
Vice President
The Minney Group