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Shannon English Marketing Group has generated superior results for retail, automotive, home improvement, recreation, medical, financial, and non-profit clients, as well as political candidates and campaign levies. Whether you’re looking to build attention for your business, yourself, or an issue, we can create a dynamic advertising campaign incorporating a combination of print, radio, television, video production, billboards, social media, direct mail, and press releases to reach your customers and your goals.

Our creative team ensures the information you want to convey will be original, concise, and tells the story you want your target audience to know. Shannon English Marketing Group will take your project from concept to delivery. See below for a list of design projects we have produced for our clients.

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Downtown Ford and Lincoln

Friends & Family Credit Union

Judge Curt Werren

Quest Recovery and Prevention Services / CommQuest

Stark Parks

The Minney Group Campaigns

Utility Pipeline

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Printed Materials

Around Downtown

Downtown Ford and Lincoln’s Around Downtown newsletter is an informative piece aimed at reaching the dealership’s growing customer base. The bimonthly newsletter provides readers with information and updates including the latest vehicles on the lot, dedicated employees, loyal customers, and happenings Around Downtown!

CD Purchase Packet

Downtown Ford and Lincoln’s Purchase Packet is a document folder given to the customers who buy a vehicle. Customers can place important automotive documents and information in this folder and store it conveniently in their glove box.

Friends & Family Credit Union

Dollar & Sense is designed and published monthly by SEM Group for Friends & Family Credit Union with the goal to keep its members informed of the benefits and services the credit union offers.

Rack Coating Services

Rack Coating Services specializes in powder coating finishing for industrial, architectural, and the automotive industries. SEM Group designed a series of brochures and fliers tailored to each specialty the company offers. With such diverse offerings available by Rack Coating Services such as, Powder Coating, Ceramic Coating, Vinyl, Automotive, Plastisol, Outdoor, and Media Blasting, the combination of publications were the perfect solution to promoting each area of the business.

The General Scoop

General Rent-All desired a piece that would reach current customers and provide them with information on new equipment and tools. SEM Group designed The General Scoop, a newsletter filled with informative descriptions and useful images of the equipment available for rent.

Utility Pipeline

Utility Pipeline desired a fresh look to their current publications designed for home and business owners interested in reallocating their resources. To achieve this, we designed a series of informational mailers specific to their unique customers to educate them on natural gas and the process to convert their assets.

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Video Production

  • Downtown Ford & Lincoln

  • Friends & Family Credit Union

  • Judge Werren

  • Utility Pipeline, Ltd

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