Shannon English Marketing

You’re one step closer when you contact Shannon English Marketing Group for your promotions, publications, advertising, or public relations needs. No job is too small or too large with our wise strategic approach. We get you the results you want.

Write, call, or click on the appropriate contact below for more information on how to schedule a meeting, or to learn more about how Shannon English Marketing Group can help you!


Here’s how to reach us:

Telephone: 330.433.2888
Fax: 330.433.2889

Shannon English Hexamer
330.433.2888 ext 1
Why call Shannon? Why not? She has over 30 years of experience customizing advertising and marketing campaigns that have helped businesses grow.

Susan Liptak

Why call Susie? One of our two staff design specialists, she wants to create impactful ads, brochures, web banners and more to help your business grow!

Leah Reese
330.433.2888 ext 3
She’s our staff design specialist. Susie creates impactful print ads, brochures, digital ads, and other dynamic materials to build the image of our clients.

Morgan McIntosh
330.433.2888 ext 14
She assists with client projects….newsletters, social media, printer runs, and everything in between!